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Amazon Kinesis integration


The Amazon Kinesis integration allows you to continuously stream real-time Cordial contact activities (system events and custom named events) directly to your Amazon Kinesis data stream. A number of Amazon-supported or custom-built services can be used to package and analyze incoming data, giving you an additional layer of real-time insights.

Configure the Amazon Kinesis data stream

Before the Amazon Kinesis integration can be enabled, you must first configure a Kinesis Data Stream from the AWS Management Console, as well as create an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy and user.

Enable the Amazon Kinesis integration

Once you have configured your Kinesis Stream and created the necessary access credentials, you can enable the integration in Cordial.

1. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Integrations > Partners.

2. On the Partners page, find the Amazon Kinesis integration card. If you don't see the Kinesis card in your account, contact your CSM to have it enabled. Select Enable to edit the configuration.

3. Once in the Kinesis card, click the Configure button to see a list of configuration settings to complete in order to enable the integration.

  • Data stream name: Enter the name of your Kinesis Data Stream.
  • (AWS) API key ID: Provide the AWS user's API key.
  • (AWS) Secret access key: Provide the AWS user's secret access key.
  • Region: Indicate the AWS region of your Kinesis Stream.

Configure event data

Channel data, custom events and other system event data can be configured to Send all events, Allowed events, Blocked events or Block all events. For Allowed events and Blocked events, you can specify which events you want to allow or block.

Configure contact attribute data

You can also select which Contact attributes to append to each event.

Once the configuration is saved, event data collection from your Cordial account into your Kinesis Data Stream will begin immediately.

Data collection starts from the time of configuration. Historical data cannot be extracted using this method.



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