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Capture emails on exit of shopping cart


You can decrease cart abandonment by showing a simple exit-intent lightbox to your website visitors when they are about to exit the checkout page. 

Capture emails on exit of shopping cart

1. Go to the Conditions section of the Design Editor.

2. Set up the rules as follows:

3. The Exit Intent rule is set to Any of these events occur to cover all four types of exit attempts: top, bottom, left, and right of window.

4. Max displays per session is set to equal 1, to prevent the pop-up from showing again to visitors who are browsing your site in multiple tabs.

5. Current Page URL is set to the first page of your checkout process. In this example, we are using contains  [yourwebsitecheckoutpage].

6. To make sure that you don't show the pop-up to visitors who have already checked out, you can set your Pages Navigated URL to NOT include your thank you page. In this example, using does NOT contain [yourthankyoupage].



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