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Configure the APNS


Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) allows authenticated providers to send push notifications to your mobile apps. Authentication credentials can be created and managed from the Apple Developer account. Apple offers two primary methods for generating the necessary authentication credentials: by creating an APNS authentication key or establishing transport layer security (TLS) certificate-based authentication.

Cordial recommends the use of APNS authentication keys, being that this method supersedes certificate-based authentication, and provides the following advantages:

  • One authentication key can be used to support multiple apps
  • No annual key renewal is required, unlike certificate-based authentication
  • Greatly simplified setup process compared to establishing certificate-based authentication

Create an APNS key

This article will describe the process of creating an APNS authentication key. As part of the push notifications setup process, Cordial will require the resulting key file (.p8) along with the following information:

1. From your Apple Developer account, go to the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles section.

2. On the following page, select Keys and add a new Key using the + button.

Previously created keys will be listed on this page. Clicking on an existing key will reveal the Key ID along with additional key details.

3. Give your new key a name and enable the APNS before continuing to the confirmation page.

4. After verifying the new key name and enabled services, you can proceed to the next page to find your new Key ID and a one-time-only key file back up Download link.

Once downloaded, the server copy of the key file will be permanently removed. It is advisable to store the key file in a secure location and distribute copies of the master file as needed.

5. Now that you have the key file and the Key ID, let's locate the Bundle ID and Team ID by visiting the Identifiers page. While on the Identifiers page, click on the desired app to open the configuration page where Team ID and Bundle ID are listed together.



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