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Master rules


Web Forms allows you to create an unlimited number of lightboxes, however, a typical client configuration has between five and ten active widgets. These widgets are displayed according to conditional rules.

Web Forms conditional rules are flexible and powerful and thus enable you to create complex scenarios in which your lightboxes are shown to your website visitors. This complexity can have the adverse affect of causing your lightboxes to display unexpectedly. Web Forms master rules provide functionality that helps you avoid this.

Use case

Master rules can be used to ensure that your visitors are not shown a lightbox more than once during a single browser session.

Access master rules

1. Log in to your Web Forms account.

2. Navigate to the Boxes tab.

3. Click on the Other Actions dropdown, and then click Master Rules.

4. Select the appropriate Master Rules for your account and then click Save and Publish.

What does each master rule do?

  • Limit to one lightbox per visitor: This rule stipulates that if a visitor has seen one of your lightboxes, they will never be shown another lightbox ever again. It is recommended that you keep this rule unchecked because it is simply based on whether a visitor has seen a lightbox. With this rule turned on, if a visitor comes to your site and is shown a lightbox, and then comes back several months later, they will not be shown a lightbox.
  • Limit to one lightbox per session: This rule prevents Web Forms from displaying more than one lightbox to a visitor during a browser session. The duration of a browser session varies between browsers. If a visitor is shown a lightbox and then revisits your website after twenty-four hours, they will ordinarily be shown another lightbox.
  • Limit to one lightbox per pageview: When this rule is implemented, a website visitor will not be shown more than one lightbox per pageview. If there are multiple competing lightboxes, the top most lightbox in which the conditions are met will be the only one that is shown.

Read more about prioritizing lightboxes.

  • Do not show any more lightboxes after a form is submitted: This rule will prevent Web Forms from displaying any lightbox to a visitor if they have ever submitted a form on any of your lightboxes.
  • Do not show any lightboxes to visitors whose cookies are disabled: By default this rule is enabled and it is strongly recommended that it remain on. A very low percentage of browsers, around 0.1%, have cookies disabled. Web Form's technology utilizes cookies and local storage which means that lightboxes should not be shown to visitors who have cookie functionality turned off.
  • Ignore Master Rules for all "Inline" forms: By default this rule is enabled and it is strongly recommend that it remain on. The majority of website visitors prefer to be shown both inline forms and a lightbox on the same pageview.



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