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Click jQuery selector rule


The click jQuery selector rule lets you display a lightbox when a link or button is clicked. You use CSS class and ID selectors to designate the buttons and links that should display a lightbox when they are clicked.

The CSS ID selector syntax #element_id while the CSS class selector syntax is .element_classname.

The jQuery selector rule is powerful. When a visitor clicks a link or a button, you can have a lightbox open up instead of directing them to a new page. This eliminates load time and keeps visitors on your website. This rule also works great for YouTube videos. For example, you can display a promotional video inside of a lightbox with a form underneath to capture customer information.


In the image below, the Click jQuery rule is set to trigger a lightbox if a button or a link on your web page is clicked and the button or link has a class named "container". 

To target links within a navigation menu bar that contains the CSS ID #navigation_wrapper, the conditions rule should contain the text "#navigation_wrapper". The image below displays an example of this. 




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