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Web Form's coupon feature allows you to display coupon codes to your website visitors. Here is a brief overview of how to utilize the coupon feature. 

  • Upload and load: You can upload a set of one-time-use coupon codes and have them dynamically display in a lightbox. You can easily add more coupon codes as your business needs demand.
  • Display on any page: The coupon codes can be displayed on a Lightbox's Thank You page, which is displayed after the user submits their email address, or on the main page of the lightbox.
  • IP address based: Each coupon code is IP-address-based, which means a user can't reload your website with the intention of accessing multiple coupon codes. Any given IP address will yield only one coupon code.

Multiple coupon code banks 

You can associate a different bank of coupon codes to each lightbox.

1. Click on Coupons in the Name drop down menu.

2. Click on New Coupon Group. Fill in the fields for Group Name and Offer Description and choose whether you want the coupon to populate when the lightbox is displayed, or when the user submits their info. You can change the populate coupon on setting later using the edit link on the Coupons page. Click on Create Coupon Group.

  • Box submit: If you're submitting the coupon as a hidden custom field, or showing it on the Thank You page, be sure the Populate Coupon On field is set to On Submit for your code bank.
  • Box display: If you're showing the coupon on the main page of the lightbox, be sure the Populate Coupon On field is set to On Display. Special Note: If you use Box Display, this means every time your lightbox displays, it will use one of your coupon codes. This means if your lightbox displays 10,000 times, it will use 10,000 coupon codes (a new coupon code every time the lightbox displays). Make sure you add a sufficient number of coupons when using using Box Display.

3. Copy and paste all the coupon codes in a comma-separated format:

That means like this:


It does not mean:


4. Click Add to Group

5. Take Note of the Group ID. In this screenshot you will notice it is Group ID 80

6. In the Editor, you can add [COUPON_{GROUPID}], so in this case it would be [COUPON_80]

7. This will work in Text, Buttons, and HTML boxes.

8. You can add coupons, but you can't remove coupons.

9. You can remove a coupon group, but that will remove all coupons in that group

10. It automatically uses IP addresses. So, the same IP address will always see the same coupon code (as long as it is within that group). This prevents abuse and fraud of coupons.

11. You can see the percentage of coupons remaining, once it goes below a certain amount, we recommend adding more coupons by clicking on Add Coupons.

We recommend adding no more than 5,000 coupons at once. You can add as many batches of coupons as you’d like to a code bank.

We also recommend setting up notifications so you can replenish them before they run out. Notifications are sent out when there are 10% coupons remaining. 


Be sure to double check the following before making your coupon lightbox live.

1. Create a new coupon group. Make sure it's “Box submit” if you are showing the coupon code on the Thank You page or Passing it as a hidden field. This makes sure we only use the coupon on submit, not on display.

2. Upload all the coupons into the group (try to upload 1,000 coupons at a time, for best results. Max limit is 5000 coupons per time)

3. Update the new coupon merge tag on to the Thank You pages of the Lightbox. This will make sure the coupon code is displayed in the Thank You Page

4. Update the Hidden Field – CUSTOM_10 to pass the COUPON_29 field.

  • We used CUSTOM_10 field, but you can use any custom field and make it a “Hidden Field”

If your coupons are formatted as a column in Excel, follow these steps to get them in the correct comma delimited format:

  • Copy column from Excel.
  • Open Word and paste text only.
  • Open the Find and Replace menu. Replace all instances of ^p with ,
  • Wait patiently! This part can take a while.
  • The codes are now comma delimited!

Technical notes on adding coupon codes to HTML blocks

If you ever add Coupon merge tags to the “HTML” elements in the editor, that HTML element must fulfill at least one of these requirements:

1. Have no other HTML embedded within it at the same level as the Coupon merge tag.  (ie. Coupon merge tag must be contained within the lowest child HTML element).


2. Wrap the Coupon merge tag within its own “div” tag or “button” tag (only these 2 will work for now).

We recommend always doing #2 just to be safe.

FAQ / testing notes:

  • Q: I keep getting the same coupon code when I submit my test email. Why is that?
  • A: Our system will only give out 1 coupon code to 1 IP Address. This prevents abuse on users trying to grab more than one coupon code. You will keep getting the same coupon code if you submit multiple emails on the same IP address



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