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Adobe fonts in web forms


Adobe Creative Cloud fonts can be utilized within web forms. The following instructions show you how to add an Adobe font to your web forms account. 

Add Adobe font to web forms account

1. Visit the Adobe fonts page.

2. Select your desired font.

3. Click the Activate font toggle if the font is not already active. 

4. Click Add to Web Project.

5. Name your project and then click Create.

It's common practice to use the name of the font for the name of the project.

6. Copy the URL from the embed code. The URL will look like this: 

7. Open up a new tab while keeping the current browser tab open. Log in to web forms in the new browser tab. While in web forms, click the account name in the upper right-hand corner and then click Custom Fonts in the dropdown menu. 

8. Click Add New Font.

9. Select the Click here to add your Font-Face CSS manually instead → option.

10. Go back to your browser tab with Adobe and copy the Import URL and Font Face declaration from the CSS

11. In web forms, paste the copied content into the Font Face CSS text box.

12. Add the font Name.

The font-family name specified in the CSS declarations must be identical to the name in web forms.

13. Uncheck the Sans Serif checkbox if it is not a Sans Seriff font. Click Save to add the font to your web forms account. 

14. Open one of your web forms lightboxes. The Adobe Font you added is now available for use. 



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