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Cordial SDK location handling


The manner in which consumer data is collected, used, and disclosed has always been at the forefront of data privacy discussions. Advancements in geolocation tracking present new opportunities for marketers to serve highly personalized and contextually relevant experiences, while at the same time raising data privacy concerns for mobile device users.

Cordial's SDK has been designed to inherit the location gathering behavior of the client app. Instead of requesting location permissions directly from the contact, the SDK will retrieve existing location data already captured by the client app, in accordance with a contact’s location sharing preferences.

Only the most recent location data recorded by the client app will be used to accompany contact event data and to populate geo attributes set to "locate by IP address”. If the client app requests device location once a day, the Cordial SDK will only reference that location data point for all contact events created that day.

Regardless of location permissions, Cordial will read the IP address (if available) when a request is made to populate contact geo attributes set by the client to “auto locate by IP address”.

This allows for full control of location data request frequency, ensuring compliance with the client’s privacy statements the contact has agreed to and come to expect. Additionally, this approach to location handling lowers the risk of a contact restricting client app location access completely due to excessive location requests.

Committed to privacy

As Android and Apple iOS continue to enhance consumers’ ability to control the use of their location data, companies and developers are evaluating their data privacy policies in an ongoing effort to comply with leading practices and to ensure the best possible customer experiences. Cordial, too, is committed to protecting the privacy of those who use our products and services, and we partner with our clients to create adaptable solutions.



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