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How do I move an existing “from” domain to Cordial?

What's required to use my existing "from" domain over at Cordial?

The client must be able to edit the DNS records of the “from” or “sending” domain. The easiest way for the client to manage the DNS records is to delegate the domain to Cordial where we would handle all of the required DNS records.

We use our corporate domain to send email instead of a subdomain. Can we continue to use that domain?

Yes. We recommend using a subdomain to send email but you can use your company domain as long as you can add the required Cordial DNS records.

There are some potential issues using your corporate top-level-domain for marketing email. If you were to get the domain on a blacklist then your corporate email may be impacted. A subdomain reduces the impact on your company domain.

A subdomain unique to email allows you to better manage the reputation of that domain.

Can we continue to send using our existing vendor while we migrate to Cordial?

Yes, if you have both vendors required DNS records in place, then you can send off of both platforms. If possible, stop sending out of the other platform a week or two before shutting down. This will give you time to gather any opt-outs or abuse complaints. Don’t forget to download the suppression list and load it into Cordial.

Do we still need to ramp up if we use our existing domain?

Yes. Using your existing domain will improve the on-boarding process but we still need to ramp-up the IP address by increasing the sending volume over time.

How will we know when the migration/ramping is complete?

Migration is complete when you are able to send to your daily list of recipients all at one time.



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