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iOS 14 support


Cordial's latest mobile SDK already has support for iOS 14. Due to our previous design choices, no changes are required while upgrading. The Cordial mobile SDK has been designed to be flexible while respecting end user privacy, allowing your application to only request the permissions you need.

This article covers the two most critical changes to know about with iOS 14.

Data tracking and privacy

IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers)

The IDFA is an identifier provided by Apple that allows for attribution across apps or websites owned by other companies. With the release of iOS 14.5, there will be a new permission prompt shown to users if an application wishes to access the IDFA. As mentioned earlier, Cordial's iOS SDK does not access the IDFA, so it will be up to your application to request permission if the IDFA is needed. There is an alternative identifier (IDFV) that can be used without requesting permissions, but it won't work across apps or websites owned by other companies.

This new permission is not needed for Push Authorization. Users will not be asked to re-accept Push notifications when updating to iOS 14.5.

Data collection disclosure

Apple now requires all app submissions to their App Store to answer a set of questions about if data is collected and how that data is used. Apple's App Privacy Details have been updated to reflect the new data collection disclosure information that will need to be provided. You should involve your legal team and analyze how your usage of Cordial may be collecting data.

By default Cordial's iOS SDK collects:

  • Identifiers: Cordial's iOS SDK currently uses the IDFV as an anonymous device identifier.
  • Usage data: Cordial's iOS SDK collects basic product interaction data such as app opens.

Cordial's iOS SDK can optionally collect:

  • Contact info: Such as collecting email addresses, first names, etc.
  • Purchases: Order history can be collected if your app uses that functionality.

Cordial falls under the category of "Developer's Advertising or Marketing." Cordial does not share data with other companies. Further information can be found on Apple's site.

Location permissions

The new iOS 14 changes to location permissions could have a large impact if your app currently uses location tracking. A new option has been created to allow users to give an approximate location instead of an exact location. Cordial's iOS SDK does not use any location tracking and instead gives you full control on whether location data is used or not.

If your app collects location data, Cordial's iOS SDK will reuse the latest data. Using an approximate location does break scenarios such as geofences and has raised the bar on getting exact location data from users since apps will need to provide a high amount of value to get users' consent.



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