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Contact merge


A common problem that comes up while using multiple channels is that one contact can have multiple profiles: one for each channel, each containing different information. For example, a store might create two contact profiles for one person who subscribed with their email and phone number on separate occasions. 

This might seem like a simple problem to solve. But when you're trying to add a SMS number to an email contact and you find out another contact profile already has that SMS number, you can end up with a lot of data. If you merge those two contacts, what data do you keep?


Cordial has developed a powerful utility that allows you to combine two contacts together and choose what data to keep from each profile. Combining contacts is a delicate matter and should be customized to your specific use cases. Cordial's utility can be as simple as making an API call, or as involved as analyzing a request and deciding what to do in Data Automations.

Use the contact merge utility

You can learn more about Cordial's contact merge utility below:

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