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Audience Trends dashboard


The Audience Trends dashboard allows you to view the contacts of one or more audiences over a set time period of time. To view Audience Trends, the desired audiences must be saved and have Audience Trend analytics enabled.

When Audience Trend analytics are enabled, Cordial will generate a snapshot of audience rule aggregates daily at 12 am (midnight) America/Los Angeles.

Enable Audience Trend analytics

Before you can create an Audience Trends dashboard, you must enable Audience Trend analytics on one or more audience rules.

1. Navigate to Contacts > Audiences.

2. Hover over the arrow next to the desired audience rule and select Enable Audience Trend Analytics.

Add audience rules to the dashboard

Navigate to the main dashboard and select the Audience Trends tab. If there aren't any audiences in the dashboard, click on the Add Tracked Audiences button. A list of all tracked audiences will display. Select any number of audiences to be added to the dashboard.

View Audience Trends for specific time frames

You can view the audience populating over multiple set time frames:

  • Past 7 days
  • Past 30 days
  • Current month to date
  • Current year to date
  • Custom Range

You can load multiple audience rules into the dashboard and remove them using the delete icon.

Export Audience Trends data

1. To export Audience Trends data to a CSV file, click the Export button.

2. Fill in the required fields.



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