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Friendbuy integration


You can leverage our integration with Friendbuy to accelerate email and SMS subscriber growth and seamlessly incorporate your referral program as part of your customer notification strategy (i.e. Email, SMS, and Push). 

Friendbuy will automatically send contact info for your Advocates and their Referred Friends into Cordial lists after they opt-in through a Friendbuy widget. Once the integration is enabled, two separate lists will be created in Cordial for Advocate and Friend profiles that will populate as contacts interact with your referral program widgets. An Advocate's Personal URL (their unique referral link), coupon codes, and other customer data will be updated in a Cordial contact profile.

The SMS channel must be enabled in your Cordial account before connecting to the Friendbuy integration. You'll also need an account with Friendbuy.

Set up the Friendbuy integration

1. Log in to your Cordial account and navigate to the API Keys page under the Settings menu.

2. On the API Keys page, click New.

3. Create a new API key name with the name, Friendbuy Integration Key. Enter the IP Address: and a recommended description, such as Friendbuy IP. 

4. Copy your API key and then log in to your Friendbuy account. Navigate to Developer Center > Integrations and click on Add integration below the Cordial logo. Enter your Cordial API Key in the field.


5. Within Friendbuy, enable two additional email integration features using the toggle switches:

    • (Optional) If you turn on Update Cordial Subscribe Status to Unsubscribed, then Friendbuy will automatically update a Cordial contact's email status to Unsubscribed when a Friend chooses to click an unsubscribe link in a Friendbuy Advocate Share Email.

If this feature is turned off, Friendbuy will continue to maintain a Friend unsubscribe list so their system does not send Advocate Share Emails to unsubscribed contacts. But your Cordial status won't be updated, so you can choose to sending marketing emails to a contact's inbox in the future.

  • (Optional) If you turn on Check Cordial Subscribe Status Before Sending Share Emails, then Friendbuy will automatically check a Cordial contact's email subscribe status before sending an Advocate Share Email to a referred Friend. If the Cordial subscribe status is Unsubscribed, Friendbuy will not send the Advocate Share Email.


6. Enter your existing Cordial SMS Program Name if you are collecting mobile phone numbers in your Friendbuy referral widget(s) and would also like them sent to Cordial (optional).


Program Name is available in your Cordial account by going to Account Settings > SMS.

7. Click Install Integration and a success message will appear in blue text above the API Key confirming the integration was installed successfully.

Access Friendbuy data in Cordial

Contact data will be added to the lists as soon as there is interaction with your referral program widgets. The opt-in box(es) are automatically added to your referral widget to gather consent from contacts who would like to receive further messaging from you.

If a contact submits their contact information without the opt-in box(es) checked, the customer data will not be sent to Cordial. Contact data will only be sent to Cordial if the customer opts-in through the referral widget by selecting the opt-in box(es).

Example widget


Once the integration has been successfully installed, two separate lists, Friendbuy_Advocates and Friendbuy_Referred_Friends, will be added to your Cordial account.



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