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Send data from Cordial to mParticle


Cordial seamlessly connects to mParticle, empowering you to get the most out of your data. With our bi-directional integration, you can easily stream all of your data in and out of Cordial in real time.

Cordial streams mParticle real-time event and contact data related to sending, receiving, and engaging with messages across channels. Cordial’s event data includes supporting metadata and contact identifiers to help mParticle create a more holistic view of your customer.

Enable and authenticate Cordial as a source

You can enable the mParticle integration by following the steps below.

1. Once you've created Cordial as a source in your mParticle account, copy the mParticle Key and Secret.

2. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Integrations > Partners.

3. Locate the the mParticle card and select Enable.

4. In the Outbound Feed Settings panel, paste in the Key and Secret from your mParticle source project.

Configure feed type

On the mParticle partner card, click Edit in the Outbound Feed Settings pane to set the desired feed type. Cordial can send events to mParticle via three different feeds:

  • iOS: Predefined list of events generated by iOS SDK
  • Android: Predefined list of events generated by Android SDK
  • Unbound: Events not listed in iOS or Android feeds

If iOS or Android feeds are not available, their events are sent to the Unbound feed.

All data sent to an mParticle feed must be marked as either development or production. Set this to true in your test and QA environments.

Configure allowed and blocked events

Click Edit in the Outbound Event Settings pane to block or allow specific data events for each channel, and according to custom events. By default, Block all events is set for each case.

In order to prevent recursion, any event records marked as having mParticle as their origin source will automatically be blocked from being sent back to mParticle.


Configure contact data

Click Edit in the Identifier Mapping pane to configure the contact data Cordial attaches to each event. A contact’s Cordial identifier is automatically sent as a partner identity with each event.

Outbound attribute handling

Outbound attribute handling allows you to specify which Cordial attributes to pass to mParticle as contact attributes with each event. Available attributes are: string, date, number, and boolean.

For SMS and Email channels two fields are available: address and ss, which is short for subscribeStatus. For example: channels.channelName.address, 

Following mParticle’s recommended pattern, the attributes are prefixed with cordial_ when sent to mParticle. For example: cordial_cid, cordial_firstname.

Available event data

As events fire in Cordial, they're sent directly to mParticle. Each of the events below (along with all supporting metadata and contact identifiers) are included with the integration. 

Email channel events

Cordial mParticle
message-sent Message sent
open Email opened
click Email link clicked
optout Unsubscribed
bounce Email bounced
crdl_subscribeStatusChange Change in contact's subscription status

Mobile channel events

Cordial mParticle


Application installed


Application opened


Message sent


Application closed


Push notification tapped


Deep link opened

crdl_{channelKey}_send_failure Error received when trying to send to the device
crdl_notification_delivered_in_foreground A push notification has been delivered while the app was in the foreground.
A push notification has been delivered while the app is in the background.
Push notifications for the app were disabled automatically.
The application was uninstalled from a device. 
crdl_in_app_message_auto_dismiss The in-app message was dismissed automatically.
crdl_in_app_message_shown The in-app message was displayed.
crdl_in_app_message_manual_dismiss The in-app message was closed by the user.
crdl_inbox_read The in-app message was read by the user.
A notification was dismissed by the user.
crdl_notification_tap A notification was tapped by the user.

Podium events

Event mParticle
The orchestration session has expired.
The action associated with the orchestration failed.
crdl-pdm-actn-filtered Contact action has been filtered from the orchestration.
crdl-pdm-actn-ignored The action associated with the orchestration was ignored.
crdl_merged_contacts Two contact records were merged into a single record along with respective events and orders.
crdl-pdm-actn-success The action associated with the orchestration was a success.
crdl-pdm-goal-met-organic An orchestration goal was met.
crdl-pdm-triggered An orchestration was triggered.

SMS channel events

Cordial  mParticle
message_sent Message sent
click Click
optout Optout
crdl_phone_deactivation Phone number was deactivated by the mobile carrier.
crdl_sms_delivered SMS message was delivered by Cordial. 
crdl_sms_failed SMS message failed to deliver.

REST channel events

Cordial  mParticle
message_sent Message sent
crdl_{channelKey}_send_failure Error received when trying to send to the device

Custom events

Cordial  mParticle
<as named in Cordial> <as named in Cordial>

Data example

Below is an example of a Cordial click event as passed to mParticle.




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