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API rate limiting


To ensure stability, the Cordial API has safeguards for unusually large bursts of incoming API calls. The API rate limiter places a cap on the number of requests that can be sent within any given second. There are different limits for each HTTP method (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) and endpoint.

Abnormally large bursts of API calls are exactly that: abnormal. The overwhelming majority of companies will not experience spikes in API calls that warrant limiting.

Response headers

In the rare case that you bump up against an API rate limit, Cordial's endpoint will respond with the following headers. Clients should use these headers to implement a backoff strategy to retry rate-limited requests.

Response header Meaning
X-Rate-Limit-Limit The maximum number of requests you're permitted to make per period. (Period is typically one minute for most of our endpoints.)
X-Rate-Limit-Remaining You have [x number] of API calls left before reaching the limit.
Retry-After The (minimum) number of seconds until the user should wait to retry the request.
X-Rate-Limit-Reset The number of seconds until the limit will reset to its maximum capacity.



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