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Phrasee integration


Our integration with Phrasee will help you enhance and personalize customer experiences by optimizing the language you use across the full customer journey and spectrum of digital brand channels. Follow the guide below to integrate Cordial with Phrasee.

You can find additional guidance in Phrasee's documentation.

Integrate Cordial with Phrasee

To integrate Cordial with Phrasee, you need to create a Cordial API key to use in Phrasee.

1. Log in to Cordial, click the Settings dropdown, and select API Keys.

2. Select New on the API Keys page. Phrasee recommends naming your API key, Phrasee API Key.

Phrasee will provide you with the IP Address to whitelist. 

3. Check the boxes next to the following permissions:


4. Use your Cordial API key to begin using Phrasee to set up experiments in Cordial.



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