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Recharge integration


Cordial's integration with Recharge empowers you to access and leverage your subscription data in our powerful customer engagement platform. This gives you the ability to trigger messages, personalize content, segment, and report on audience trends based on real-time subscription status.

Integrate Recharge with Cordial

1. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Marketplace from the Administration menu.

2. Locate the Recharge card and select Enable.

3. Under Configure Integration, select Edit.

4. Enter your Recharge API key and API key secret.

5. Configure Identifier Mapping by selecting the appropriate Recharge and Cordial identifiers.

6. Click Save.

Enable Subscription Webhooks

1. Select Enable in the Subscription Webhooks pane.

2. Choose the Enabled bubble and click Save.

Import subscription data

1. To perform a bulk import of subscription data from Recharge, select Import in the Historic Import pane.

2. Select the import date range using the From and To calendar menus.

3. Click Submit.

Data example

Below is an example of a subscription supplement record after it's been imported from Recharge into Cordial.

        "status": "active",
        "cID": "630b7c0ba1f779f7f90d7bb4",
        "address_id": 100712768,
        "customer_id": 92307748,
        "analytics_data": {
            "utm_params": []
        "cancellation_reason": null,
        "cancellation_reason_comments": null,
        "cancelled_at": null,
        "charge_interval_frequency": 30,
        "created_at": "2022-08-09T11:24:57+00:00",
        "expire_after_specific_number_of_charges": null,
        "external_product_id": {
            "ecommerce": "6568496005249"
        "external_variant_id": {
            "ecommerce": "39376904192129"
        "has_queued_charges": true,
        "is_prepaid": false,
        "is_skippable": true,
        "is_swappable": false,
        "max_retries_reached": false,
        "next_charge_scheduled_at": "2022-09-08",
        "order_day_of_month": null,
        "order_day_of_week": null,
        "order_interval_frequency": 30,
        "order_interval_unit": "day",
        "presentment_currency": "USD",
        "price": "12.00",
        "product_title": "Short sleeve t-shirt",
        "properties": [],
        "quantity": 3,
        "sku": null,
        "sku_override": false,
        "updated_at": "2022-08-09T11:24:57+00:00",
        "variant_title": "Black",
        "ct": "2022-08-28T14:30:35+0000",
        "lm": "2022-08-28T14:30:35+0000",
        "id": "269879305"



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