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Send Data from mParticle to Cordial


Cordial seamlessly connects to mParticle, empowering you to get the most out of your data. With our bi-directional integration, you can easily stream all of your data in and out of Cordial in real time.

mParticle streams Cordial real-time contact, behavioral, and eCommerce event data from brand properties, also providing audiences and profile enrichment. Cordial uses mParticle’s data—combined with other business data—to quickly build compelling messaging and create meaningful engagement across channels.

You can learn how to send data from Cordial to mParticle here.

Enable mParticle as a source

To send data from mParticle to Cordial, you need to enable mParticle as a source. 

1. Log in to Cordial and select Marketplace from the Administration dropdown.

2. Click Enable on the mParticle card.

Configure identifiers

1. To configure identifier mapping for inbound and outbound data, click Configure in the Identifier Mapping pane.

2. Select the mParticle Identifier you want to use, which can be either customer ID or email, and the corresponding Cordial Identifier (customer ID).

3. Click Continue.

Configure attributes

1. To configure attributes between Cordial and mParticle, select Edit in the Attribute Mapping pane.

2. Select the attributes you want to pass to mParticle from the Outbound Attributes dropdown.

3. Map mParticle keys to your Cordial attributes using the Select mParticle Attribute and Select Cordial Attribute dropdowns.

4. Click Continue.



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