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Why was a contact given an unsubscribed status?


A contact will be given an unsubscribed status in Cordial by one of the following three actions.


1. A contact unsubscribes by clicking an unsubscribe link in the body of a message (managed by the marketer). 

2. A contact activates the functionality of the list-unsubscribe mechanism, found in the message headers and displayed by supporting email mailbox providers (managed by the MTA and the email mailbox provider).

Example list-unsubscribe mechanism in a Gmail message:

3. A contact reports the message as SPAM (managed by the email mailbox provider).

Example SPAM complaint (with option to list-unsubscribe or block message) in a Gmail message:

In the case of #2 or #3 above, the contact will also be suppressed from the MTA (message transport agent). This may affect promotional as well as transactional message sends. Removing the contact from the MTA suppression must be performed by Cordial support.

When a contact is unsubscribed due to a complaint, this event will also be tracked as an Opt out in message reports.

Changing the contact's subscribe status in the Cordial account to "subscribed" will not remove the contact from the MTA's suppression. You must contact Cordial support to remove the MTA suppression.



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