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Import contacts


Before you can send messages in Cordial, you need to import your contacts. While you can add contacts to Cordial one at a time, it's more efficient to import them using a one-time or recurring data job. You can perform bulk contact updates and actions in combination with your data job.

Before importing, we recommend that you do some list hygiene to help maintain healthy deliverability. You can learn more about list hygiene here.

Import contacts via data job

Contacts are imported into Cordial via one-time or recurring data jobs.

1. Once your data file is prepared, log in to Cordial and navigate to Contacts > Import Contacts to begin the process of importing contacts with a data job.

2. In the Create Data Job pane, Fill in the Name and Tags fields. For Type, choose either One-time or Recurring. Assign a Priority for the job and click Continue.

4. From the data job creation page, click Edit in the Data Source pane. Choose the Data Location. For our example, we'll use a local CSV file. Click Continue and follow the prompt to upload the file.

5. Under Data Mapping, choose the desired Import option:

  • Insert new records and update existing records
  • Only update existing records (ignore new records)
  • Only insert new records (ignore existing records)

6. Map your data file columns to the appropriate attributes.

  • For attributes and lists that already exist in the system with the same name as the header column, they should be automatically mapped.
  • For attributes that have a different name than the header column, use the dropdown to map to a previously created attribute in the system.
  • You can also select the Ignore checkbox to ignore the column entirely.

7. While configuring Data Mapping, you can perform the bulk contact updates described below (if needed).

Contact your CSM to have the bulk update feature enabled.

8. Choose whether or not to trigger any actions as a result of your import.

9. If the job is recurring, click Recurring on the left sidebar and configure the desired settings in the Schedule pane.

10. In the On Completion pane, enter an email address where you'd like to receive a notification when the job is complete.

11. Click the Run Data Job button on the left.

Perform bulk contact updates

You can perform the following bulk contact updates and apply changes to all importing contacts without having to go back and alter your CSV file:

These updates can be performed during your initial mapping set up or after your data job has started running.

Contact your CSM to have the bulk update feature enabled.

2. In Data Mapping, click the plus icon to add a list column for the bulk action you want to perform. 

3. In the Select column type dropdown, select from the following update options:

  • Add to list 
  • Remove from list
  • Set email subscription status
  • Populate an attribute

Add to/ Remove from list

The Add to/ Remove from list actions allow you manage list content during the import. Once you've selected Add to list or Remove from list, you'll see a dropdown containing all existing lists in the system.

You can also add a new list to a data job. Choose Add to list and then select Create new list from the second dropdown.

Set email subscription status in bulk

You can set email subscription status in bulk by adding a new data column and selecting Set email subscription status.

You can apply several bulk update actions at the same time, but email subscription status can only be set once in a job.

For New Contacts you can:

  • Set as subscribed
  • Set as unsubscribed
  • Set as status 'none'

For Existing Contacts you can:

  • Leave as is (do not update)
  • Set as subscribe
  • Set as unsubscribed

Setting previously unsubscribed contacts to subscribed is in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act and can result in non-compliance. 

Populate an attribute

You can update an attribute for all imported contacts at the same time. Select Populate an attribute, and choose the name of the attribute to be populated from the dropdown. You can also create a new attribute and set a value for it by selecting Create a new attribute from the dropdown.

The bulk update action is only applicable to string, number, and date attributes (not for arrays or geo locations).

Job status

You can check the status of your import contacts data job under the Jobs widget.

Import contacts via API

You also have the option to import contacts via API.

Add contacts via JavaScript Listeners

Contacts can also be added via JavaScript Listeners that reside on your website.

In the next article, you can learn how to export contacts.



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