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Add tags to links


Cordial enables you to add tags to any and all links in your HTML content.

Messages sent with Cordial tags using the tag identifier of "data-crdl-tags" will enable search capability to find contacts that have clicked a link with one or more tag values.


For example, by adding the tag "mens-shoes" to links associated with mens shoes, you can create an audience of anyone who has ever clicked on "mens-shoes", or has clicked within some timeframe. You can use the same tag on more than one link across one or more messages. Or, you can have a tag that is specific to one link in one message. You can also have multiple tags in one link.

The following is an example link with one tag.

<a href="" data-crdl-tags="mens-shoes" style="">My Link</a>

And here's an example of a link with three tags, separated by commas.

<a href="" data-crdl-tags="mens-shoes,tennis,brand-x">My Link</a>

In the next article, you can learn about naming a tracked link.



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