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Optout link


The opt-out tag is required for promotional messages:


This tag will render a URL to a standard opt-out form that is personalized for the recipient.

The address in the footer of the opt-out page is rendered using the values of Compliance fields on the Account Settings page.

Create clickable link

You can create a clickable link with customized text by using the following code:

<a href="{$env['optoutLink']}" style="">Unsubscribe me from</a>

Styles can be added as appropriate.

If the system does not detect this tag in the message body, it will be automatically appended with the following markup:

<a href="{$env['optoutLink']}" style="">Unsubscribe</a>

In the case where you are using your own unsubscribe or preferences mechanism, you can suppress the automatic application of the unsubscribe link by surrounding it in comment tags as shown below:


The only messages that are exempt from this requirement are automation templates that are set as "transactional". For legislative compliance, the "transactional" setting must only be applied to non-commercial transactional emails (ex: order confirmations, password reset, shipping notifications etc...)


In the next article, you can learn about adding tags to links.



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