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Delete contacts


Contacts can be deleted/removed from Cordial via the UI or using the REST API. This action will permanently delete contacts from your system.

When you delete contacts from Cordial, all contact attribute values will also be deleted by default. You have the option to retain or anonymize these values on a per attribute basis. Learn more about customizing attribute access and deletion here.

Delete contacts via the UI

Delete the results of a contact search

1. Navigate to Contacts > Search Contacts.

2. Select or create an audience rule to determine the contacts to be deleted.

3. Under the Actions menu, choose View contact results.

4. From the Individual Contact Results page, you can select individual contacts to delete or Select All contacts and delete them. 

5. Click the Remove button.

6. A warning message will display with a confirmation prompt. Enter your Cordial account login email address and confirm that you wish to delete the contacts.

There will be no further warnings after you click Delete contacts.

Delete the results of a saved audience rule

1. Navigate to Contacts > Audiences.

2. Select individual audience rules from the list, or Select All from the dropdown menu in the upper left.

3. Hover over the arrow icon and select Remove.

4. When prompted, confirm audience rule removal by clicking Yes, remove audience.

Delete contacts via the API

You can delete a single contact with the DELETE <path>/contacts/ method. Learn more about contacts and the API here.

Deleting an audience is not supported by the API. Only one contact may be deleted per API call.



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