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Inbox placement test via SparkPost


Cordial partners with SparkPost to provide valuable insights on your delivered messages. When you enable an inbox placement test, a seed list is automatically sent to a wide variety of email providers upon sending your batch message. You can then see if your message landed in the inbox for each individual provider.

Inbox placement tests are billed to the Account Monthly per the amount outlined in your contract. To enable inbox placement tests in your account, please contact your Client Success Manager.

How seeds are sent

Unlike other third-party deliverability providers, Cordial's integration with SparkPost does not require the creation of new contact records for each individual seed to be mailed. Instead, the seeds are combined with the batch message sending audience via an API call, making test enablement a one-click process.

Once a batch message is sent, the seeds are inserted at random throughout. Some providers disperse the seeds at the beginning or end of a batch send, potentially skewing inbox placement results. Cordial's integration randomly disperses seeds throughout the send to provide more accurate inbox placement results.

Set up an inbox placement test

1. To enable an inbox placement test on a batch message, create a new message (Messages > Create New Message) or edit an existing draft message (Messages > Drafts).

2.  On the Message Creation page, click Edit under Delivery Testing. You will see the option to enable the inbox placement test, as well as the number of tests you have used in the current month.

Inbox placement tests may not be compatible with message throttling and experiments.

View inbox placement test results

To view the inbox placement test results, open a sent message and scroll down to the section labeled Inbox Placement Test. You can view the total number of seed addresses, the status of the test, and summary results for Inbox, Spam, and Missing (messages that were not delivered, or were reported as bounced).

The status of the report may say "pending" and will seek to collect results from the inbox seed addresses for up to 72 hours after a message is sent. In most cases, a test is largely considered done after 24 hours. 

To view a more detailed list of results per inbox provider, click on any of the summary results boxes under Show ISP Summary.



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