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Submit a support ticket


You can submit a support ticket for any issue or question you have about Cordial. This can include:

  • Platform issues
  • General questions: questions about Cordial, the platform, or how things work
  • Troubleshooting
  • Existing content requests: smaller edits or changes to existing logic or campaigns

You should get a response within 1.5 hours during normal business hours: 8 am Eastern to 5 pm Pacific. Our staff will evaluate the complexity of the ticket and get it assigned to someone who can help. 

Contact us

To contact us:

Ticket priority

If your ticket is urgent, be sure to include URGENT in the subject line if sending email, or select Urgent in the priority dropdown if using the form. 

Priority definitions

  • URGENT: An incident or problem that's causing total service outage and is resulting in critical business impact. Total service outage is defined as: Cannot continue normal business operations. All users are affected.

Urgent tickets can expect a response within one hour regardless of time or date submitted.

  • HIGH: A problem that has a significant user impact on the affected client reporting the problem. Significant user impact is defined as a defect or application failure whereby the client cannot continue, or where all business operations and deliverables are at risk of being compromised. The problem may or may not be affecting other users. 
  • NORMAL: A problem, task, or question that has a minor impact on the Cordial application and its operation. Problems of this nature may be classified as a defect or bug that requires a product enhancement. Single user affected. 
  • LOW: A problem, question, or task that has minimal impact to the user or the Cordial application.

Recommended ticket format

To ensure clear communication with us, we recommend that you use the following format in your ticket.


Support ticket - [your company name] - [brief description of the issue]


Cordial Support Team,

Include basic overview of the issue or question, such as "I sent an email yesterday and it didn’t render properly for someone on an Android device." 

Basic information:

  • Account name: [your Cordial account name]
  • Message ID(s): [link to message if applicable]
  • Contact person: [your name]
  • Contact email: [your email address]

Description of the problem:

Please provide a concise and clear description of the issue you're experiencing. Include any error messages, unusual behaviors, or specific campaigns affected. If applicable, specify whether this is affecting a particular message or campaign.

Steps to reproduce (if applicable):

Outline the steps that lead to the problem's occurrence (if possible). Include specific device, email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and operating system information (if applicable). This will help the Cordial Support Team replicate the issue and identify its root cause more efficiently.

Attachments (if any):

Attach relevant screenshots, videos, error logs, or any other files that may assist in understanding and resolving the issue. Ensure that the attached files are clear and directly related to the problem.

Impact on business:

Provide details on how this issue is impacting your business operations. Include information on potential revenue loss, customer impact, or any other critical consequences. If the message is currently a draft, let us know when you're hoping to send it.

Recent changes or updates:

Inform the Cordial Support Team of any recent changes or updates you have made to your account or campaigns. This could include changes in content, list segmentation, or any other relevant modifications.

Additional information:

Include any additional information that you believe may be helpful for the Cordial Support Team to understand and address the issue promptly.

Best regards,

[Your full name]

[Your title]

[Your company name]

[Your contact information]

Retrieve a message ID or link to a message

Follow these steps to retrieve a message ID or link to a message.

1. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Messages, then select Drafts, Scheduled, or Sent.

2. Locate the message in the table and click on it.

3. Copy the URL at the top of the page. You can provide the whole URL or just the message ID. For your reference, this is the message ID (or msID):

5. You can learn more about how message IDs are created, defined, and used here.

Retrieve a Job ID

1. Click the Jobs widget in the top menu bar. 

2. Select View all jobs

3. Locate the data job in the table. The Job ID will be in the ID column.

Retrieve a data automation ID

Your data automation ID is the automation URL in Cordial.

1. Navigate to Data Jobs > Data Job Automations

2. Locate the job in question and click on it. 

3. Copy and paste the automation URL (also its ID) as needed. It should look similar to this:

Next steps

After submitting your ticket, be on the lookout for a response from a Cordial representative. To get started, we may need access to your account, which we'll request by responding to the ticket. As a matter of security, we don’t maintain access to client accounts by default, and you're welcome to remove our access once the issue has been resolved. You should get a response within 1.5 hours during normal business hours: 8 am Eastern to 5 pm Pacific.

Once we have access to your account, we may have additional questions if we're unable to duplicate the issue. We'll work through the issue with you until it's resolved.

If your ticket is a large piece of work rather than an issue, it will be routed to our Solutions team, who may reach out to you directly through email and close the support ticket once they've established an alternate communication path.



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