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The Cordial difference


At Cordial, we've worked hard to improve upon what our competitors offer and give you something different, an agile messaging and data platform that's truly customizable to your brand's unique needs. Here are some specific ways we've done that.


The competition

Our competitors offer rigid data schemas that limit your audience segmentation and message personalization capabilities. One example is order details that don't allow you to update purchase details, such as when someone makes an order and later cancels it.

What if you want to create messaging for that specific audience? It's a missed opportunity.

The Cordial difference

Cordial's data collections are more fluid, allowing you to segment audiences with greater precision. For example, Cordial stores and allows you to update order details such as status in real time. The order status property is originally set to ordered, and then it's updated to shipped, delivered, or possibly returned or canceled. So if you want to message people who make an order then cancel, that's no problem at all.

You can easily leverage order states in Cordial when creating segmented audiences as well as triggered and personalized messages. This makes our lifetime value and propensity metrics like category affinity and likelihood to purchase more accurate, reliable, and impactful.

Contact management

The competition

When importing contacts in competing platforms, you can't set the specific subscribe status at the record level. This means that, when importing a list of hundreds of thousands of contacts (or more)—some of which may already exist in the platform—you need to set them all to subscribed or unsubscribed, knowing that you'll be making unintended updates to many existing contacts.

This creates a lot of extra work on your end to go back and fix those clumsy, unintended updates. Who wants that?

The Cordial difference

When importing contacts in Cordial, you can easily update subscribe status to the value you want at the record level, ensuring that the current status is unchanged for existing contacts.

In short, you can import and update large amounts of contacts faster, easier, and more accurately in Cordial.

Revenue attribution

The competition

Analytics dashboards in competing platforms base their revenue data on open events that routinely include bot (non-human) opens since Apple released its MPP setting in iOS 15. This leads to unreliable and over-reported revenue data.

The Cordial difference

Cordial uses last click as opposed to open in our revenue attribution analytics, which is a much stronger indicator that a message led to conversion behavior.

Subtle but impactful

While these differences between Cordial and competing platforms may seem subtle, they compound when it comes to customizable use cases and messaging opportunities. Other platforms provide one-size-fits-all approaches, but Cordial gives you the flexibility to build out marketing strategies as unique and specific as your brand.



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