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Mobile documentation


Cordial has a wide range of mobile messaging tools designed to provide direct value to your app users. This page provides links to resources to help you build out your Cordial-powered mobile offerings and start sending relevant and impactful in-app messages.

Supported mobile messaging

Cordial supports Push (mobile app) messaging, in-app messaging, and inbox messaging.

Cordial SDKs

Our mobile app SDKs are built to allow you to get app data back into Cordial quickly and easily. You can then use our platform's powerful tools to send the right message to the right person at exactly the right time.

Mobile app custom keys

You can add custom key/value pairs to your push notification payload that will trigger a wide range of unique app experiences and give you impactful personalization options.

Mobile app channel setup

The mobile app channel enables you to send mobile app messages to contacts as batch or automated messages, also enabling you to collect data using Cordial's native mobile app solution.



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