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June 2024

Podium feature access

Test messaging strategies and customize contact journeys with Podium experiments and forks, now available for all accounts.

Supplements enhancement

You can more easily view and edit individual data supplements using the new Details and Records tabs, simplifying the process.

Easy access to events and messages in reports

In Event Data Reports, access each event in JSON—and the message where the event occurred—with a single click. Similarly, you can click into each message directly from Message Reports. These updates streamline navigation across Cordial.

Timestamp your test messages

For improved organization and alignment with your team, include the date and time in the subject line of test messages. 

Updated Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) process

The process to configure FCM in Cordial has been updated with changes to Google's UI, ensuring a successful connection. This is a prerequisite for setting up Android push notifications using Cordial's SDK.

New SMS unsubscribe keywords

We added revoke and opt out as unsubscribe keywords in SMS messages to follow industry guidelines and best practices. 




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