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Send data from Cordial to Heap


With the Heap integration, you can send event and contact data from Cordial to Heap, giving your teams a complete understanding of your customers' digital journeysso you can quickly improve conversion, retention, and customer delight.

You can also send segments of behavioral data from Heap to Cordial.

Event data

As events fire in Cordial, they are automatically sent to Heap. Along with event data, Cordial can send contact attributes as user properties attached to each event (see Send data to Heap below). The data events listed on our System Events Reference Page (along with all supporting metadata and contact identifiers) are included in the Heap integration.

Enable and authenticate Cordial as a source

1. Ensure the Heap integration is enabled in your Cordial account. Request access from your CSM. 

2. In your Heap account, navigate to Account > Manage > Projects to retrieve your Heap project ID.

3. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Integrations > Partners.

4. Locate the Heap card and select Enable.

5. Select Configure under Outbound Data Settings.

6. Paste in your Heap ID, choose which events Cordial will send to Heap, and click Continue.

Send data to Heap

1. Click Configure in the Outbound Contact Settings pane.

2. Configure Heap identifier mapping and Outbound attribute handling to map your data in the desired fashion.

2. Select Configure in the Outbound Data Settings pane.

3. Under each channel dropdown, select which events Cordial will send to Heap.

Allow and block events

You can choose to block or allow specific events in the dropdown for each channel in Outbound Data Settings. By default, Block all events is set for each case.

To prevent recursion, any event records that have Heap as their origin will be automatically blocked from getting sent back to Heap.



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