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Google Cloud Storage integration


Our integration with Google Cloud Storage enables you to use Google Cloud as a source for importing and exporting data into and out of your Cordial account using either the UI or API.

Once the integration is successfully configured, you'll see the option to select Google Cloud Storage as an import or export source for Data Jobs within the UIand as a source or destination parameter in the API.

Configure Cordial to access your GCS buckets

There are two ways to set up Cordial to access your Google Cloud Storage buckets: via key file or service account.

  • Key file authentication requires you to create a service account in a client's Google Cloud Platform account, give the service account access to the buckets, download a JSON key file, and upload it to Cordial.
  • Service account authentication automatically creates a service account in Cordial's Google Cloud Platform account. You then grant this service account access to your buckets.

Service account authentication is easier to set up, and it's more secure because the key is never shared with Cordial. 

Each authentication method allows to configure access to multiple buckets. Each bucket can have its own authentication method type.

Key file authentication

Before you can enable the integration, you must first create a Google Service account in Google Cloud Platform.

Create a Google Service account

1. In your admin panel, navigate to Service accounts, give the account a name and an ID, and then click Create.

2. Click the Role dropdown to define a role for your service account.

3. Select the JSON radio button and click Create to create and download a JSON key.

4. Under Permissions, confirm that the key has Storage Admin rights to the bucket.

Enable the integration in Cordial

Once you've created a service account and downloaded the key in JSON format, you can enable the integration on the integration partner page.

1. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Integrations > Partners .

2. Locate the Google Cloud card and click Enable.

3. You will see a list of configuration settings to complete in order to enable the integration.

  • Bucket name: Enter the name of your Google Cloud Bucket.
  • Bucket description: Give a brief description of the Google Cloud Bucket.
  • Upload key file: Upload the key file downloaded from your Google Cloud Storage account.

Service account authentication

To start using service account authentication, you first to create a service account.

1. To do this, navigate to Integrations > Partners and click the Configure button on the Google Cloud partner card.

2. Select Service Account under authentication and click the Create Service Account button at the bottom of the card.

3. This will create a separate service account in Cordial's Google Cloud Platform. This service account is linked to your account in Cordial. After it's created, the email of the service account will be displayed on the integrations card.

4. Back in Google Cloud Storage, add this service account in Permissions with the Storage Admin role to each Google Cloud Bucket that Cordial needs to access.


Send data from Google Cloud to Cordial via the UI

Once the integration with Google Cloud is set up successfully, you'll see the option to select Google Cloud as a data source when initiating Data Jobs via the UI.

1. Navigate to Data Jobs > Create New Data Job.

2. Select Edit in the Data Source pane.

3. Choose External under Data source.

4. Choose Google Cloud under Data location.

5. Choose the appropriate Bucket, and specify the Cloud file in the Path field.

Send data from Cordial to Google Cloud via the UI

You can send data from Cordial to Google Cloud via the UI by selecting Google Cloud as a destination for:

Import or export data via API

Once enabled, Google Cloud will be a source and destination option for importing and exporting data via API. To learn more, you can visit our API documentation.



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