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Azure Blob Storage integration


Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage is a massively scalable and secure object storage for unstructured data. Our integration with Azure Blob Storage allows you to use Microsoft Azure as a source for importing and exporting data into and out of your Cordial account using either the UI or API. After you've connected Cordial to Azure, you can also import and export data from Azure Blob containers.

Connect Azure to Cordial

In order to connect Azure to Cordial, you need the name of your Azure storage account as well as your container name and Blob SAS token or account key.

When creating your account SAS in Azure, enable the following Permissions in the storage container: Read, Add, Create, Write, Delete, List.

1. After you've obtained your account access keys and created an account SAS in Azure, log in to Cordial and navigate to Integrations > Partners

2. Locate the Azure card and click Enable.

3. Select the Enable checkbox. 

4. Enter the needed information under Storage account, Container name, and Blob SAS token or Account key

5. Select Test Connection to see if your connection to Azure is successful.

6. After you've established a successful connection, click Continue.

Send data from Azure to Cordial via the UI

Once the integration with Azure is set up successfully, you'll see the option to select Azure as a data source when initiating data jobs via the UI.

1. Navigate to Data Jobs > Create New Data Job.

2. Select Edit in the Data Source pane.

3. Choose External under Data source.

4. Choose Azure Blob under Data location.

5. Choose the appropriate Container, and specify the Blob file name in the Path field.

Send data from Cordial to Azure via the UI

You can send data from Cordial to Azure via the UI by selecting Azure as a destination for:

Import or export data via the API

Once enabled, Azure will be a source and destination option (AZUREBLOB) for importing and exporting data via the API. To learn more, you can visit our API documentation.



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