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Email channel content


The email channel is supported in both batch messages and automated messages. Follow the steps below to create an email message and its content in Cordial.

Create an email message

1. Log in to Cordial and navigate to Messages > Create New Message.

2. In the Create New Message pane, select Email from the Channels dropdown.

Add message header

From within your message, select Edit in the Message Header pane and fill out the required fields.

  • Subject: The subject line for the communication. To learn how to test different subject lines, visit our article about subject line experiments in batch messages.
  • From email: The email address that the message is from. Available sending domains will be determined by the message's classification as promotional or transactional. Visit this article to learn more about message transports and how to set message header defaults for new messages.
  • Reply email: The email address that message replies will be sent to. This should be a monitored address such as a customer service email address.
  • From description: Describes who is the sender. This text will show in place of the sender's email address in the email client's (gmail, yahoo, etc) message list. This is usually the name of your business or company.

AI-generated subject lines

You can craft unique and impactful email subject lines and experiment subject lines with AI-generated content to accelerate the message creation process and spark creativity. Generative AI subject lines are available in batch messages, automated messages, and message experiments.

1. Create a new message or edit an existing draft and click Edit in the Message Header pane. 

2. Enter a prompt and select Generate AI Content

Generate AI content in subject line

3. From within the generative AI pane, enter a prompt and click Generate AI Content. Multiple variations of usable content will appear.

AI content modal

4. To customize the text, select one or multiple of the buttons: Shorten, Lengthen, Urgent, Casual, Funny.

To keep your subject lines concise and effective, AI content in this pane won't exceed one line.

5. Click Use Content under the AI-generated text you wish to use, and it will appear in your message subject line.

Add message content

To add message content, select Edit in the Message Content pane.

Message content is added differently depending on the the editor selected when creating a new message. There are two editors available:

  • HTML editor: Use this option when you want full control over the message code (HTML, CSS, and Smarty personalization). This editor is ideal for advanced code editing and writing advanced personalization.
  • Sculpt editor: Sculpt uses drag-and-drop layouts without the need to write any code. You can use generative AI in Sculpt blocks to spark creativity. Learn more about Sculpt templates, blocks, and messages here.

The Sculpt editor will only be available if you have a Sculpt template created in your account.

If you're using a language other than English for email content, you may need to convert special characters to HTML entities or specify a UTF-8 character set. Learn how to make special characters render properly in the inbox here.

Insert images into a message

Once uploaded to Cordial, you can insert images into messages by with a single click. 

Preview a message

You can preview message content by clicking the Preview button above the Message Content pane. This will give you the option to see the message in both desktop and mobile views. For messages with responsive design, you can view different viewport sizes by dragging the preview pane.

View dynamic and personalized message content in real time by entering the contact's email or contact ID in the Preview as modal.

The modal will display primary and secondary contact account keys enabled in your account, giving you more than one way to search for contact profiles when previewing message content. For example, you could show a different image based on a contact attribute of "gender."

When searching by the Cordial generated Contact ID (cID), the ID value must be entered as an exact match.



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