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Sculpt Block rich text input field


The Sculpt Block rich text input field provides a customizable text editing interface, making it easy to create richly formatted content without the need to know HTML or CSS. The rich text input field supports common text formatting features such as text styling, font selection, format stripping, undo/redo typing, and link insertion. Generative AI is available for rich text Blocks to optimize your workflow.

You can create Sculpt Blocks with multiple rich text input fields restricted to your brand-approved text editing features and make them available in the Block Library to use in Sculpt messages.

Create a rich text field

The rich text input field type is a free-form text area with a customizable text editing interface. You can edit existing Blocks and replace plain text fields with the rich text editor, providing your team with easily accessible formatting possibilities.

1. Navigate to Content > Sculpt Blocks and choose an existing Block to edit or create a new one.

2. In the Sculpt Editor, click the Form Builder button.

3. Create a new field and select Rich Text under Form element type.

4. The rich text editor will appear.

When adding fonts, we recommend that you provide a stack of fall-back fonts in case the email recipient’s system cannot access your preferred font. To create a font stack, separate font family names with commas and hit enter when done.

5. As you add or edit, a preview of your rich text content will generate in the left pane.

6. If instead of using an existing Sculpt block, you created a new block with rich text fields, it's necessary to add the resulting variable key names to your block HTML in order for the fields to populate correctly during message creation. For guidance, you can visit: Add variable key names to HTML.

Rich text fields do not support direct image insertion. However, you can use the image selector field in any Sculpt Block to add this functionality. Check out our banner Block for an example.

Generate AI content

AI-powered content generation is available for both text area and rich text Blocks to build smarter email and in-app messages faster—and help spark creativity. 

1. When you edit or create a Block with Rich Text for the Form element type, the option to Enable AI Content Generation will appear. Select that checkbox.

2. Click Generate AI content in the preview pane.

3. From within the generative AI pane, you can enter a prompt, click Generate AI Content, and see multiple variations of generative content you can use. 

4. To customize the text, select one or multiple of the buttons: Shorten, Lengthen, Urgent, Casual, Funny.

5. Click Use Content under the AI-generated text you wish to use, and it will appear in your form.

6. Once your Block is saved, you can generate AI content any time the text area Block or rich text editor Block is used in a message.

Keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are supported for use with the rich text input field:

italicize Ctrl + i Cmd + i
bold  Ctrl + b  Cmd + b
underline  Ctrl + u Cmd + u
hyperlink Ctrl + k Cmd + k
strikethrough  Ctrl + s Cmd + s
copy Ctrl + c Cmd + c
cut Ctrl + x Cmd + x
paste Ctrl + v Cmd + v
undo Ctrl + z Cmd + z
select all Ctrl + a Cmd + a
jump to the beginning of current line Ctrl  +  left arrow Cmd + left arrow
jump to the end of current line Ctrl + right arrow  Cmd+ right arrow

Rich text fields allow you to configure link style options along with adding link functions that, when enabled, will render as UI elements to configure appropriate values.

1. Select the Add/edit link checkbox in the Rich Text Editor to configure the options available in the Link Properties menu.

  • Link tracking: Enable or disable link tracking uniquely for each link within the message.
  • Link tags: Enables link tag input where you can enter multiple tags separated by commas.
  • Link key/name: Allows you to assign a presentable name to any of the inserted links.
  • Assign to list on click: Exposes available list names to choose from if you want a contact to be added to a specific list when they click the link.
  • Remove from list on click: Exposes available list names to choose from if you want the contact to be removed from a specific list when they click the link.
  • Set attribute(s) on click: Exposes contact attributes in a dropdown menu and allows you to input an attribute value to be set for the contact they click the link.

    Link tracking must be enabled for this feature to apply.

  • Class: Allows your team to enter specific a CSS class name that will style the link according to your specified brand guidelines.

2. To configure link styling options, click the Link icon. The Link Properties menu will appear.

3. Configure the link properties you want to be available in the Sculpt Block during message creation:

  • URL
  • Font
  • Color
  • Font size
  • Font weight
  • Text decoration



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